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​Anniversary of Tenerife Library

Anniversary of Tenerife Library

The Municipal Library of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is celebrating its 130thanniversary of its foundation, and this week opens its exhibition ‘130 Years With You, 1888-2018’.

This exhibition is presenting to the public some of the oldest volumes preserved in this library. The oldest document of the Municipal Library of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a document of land transfer signed in October 1493 from the seller, Beatriz de Bobadilla to the purchaser, Alonso de Campo in Hermigua in La Gomera.

This ancient land transfer document shares display space in one of the six showcases that make up the ‘130 Years With You, 1888-2018’ exhibition with an early book, known as a post incunable, dated 1505, printed in Venice that contains the sermons of San Agustin, and other manuscripts in Gothic script written a friar.

Experts explain that an incunable, or sometimes called incunabulum, is a book, pamphlet or broadside printed in Europe before the year 1501, and those called post incunable like the one displayed in the Municipal Library, were printed after this date.

Therefore, this post incunable is an example of early books, and this one on display is a unique copy in the world, according to an investigation of the University of La Laguna (ULL), which makes it a ‘jewel’ that is believed to come from the convent of San Pedro Alcantara, where the library was first located.

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