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​British Resident Arrested for Robbery in Tenerife

British Resident Arrested for Robbery in TenerifePolicia Nacional has arrested a British resident, aged 43 years with a police record in the south of Tenerife, as an alleged perpetrator of three robberies with force in commercial properties, where he is alleged to have broken exterior shop windows and took objects worth 29,000 euros.

The detainee, who acted at night in the Municipalities of Arona and Adeje, selected commercial establishments selling fashion, accessories and perfumery. He then used strong objects to break the exterior glass, and then accessed these properties through the broken window and took sunglasses, perfumes, jewellery and watches.

Once the police report was completed, the detainee was remanded to the Guardia Instructional Court, where the arrest and investigation were carried out by officers of the Policia Nacional and the Local Comisaria del Sur de Tenerife.

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