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​Fuerteventura Wants to Stop Planned Military Manoeuvres

Fuerteventura Wants to Stop Planned Military ManoeuvresThe City Council of Puerto del Rosario wants to stop the planned military manoeuvres that the Spanish Navy intends to carry out in the south of Fuerteventura in mid-November.

The Ministry of Defence plans to perform amphibious manoeuvres in Fuerteventura, which will include a night landing at Tarajalejo and a daytime landing at La Solapa, outside the firing range.

Amphibious ships, frigates, combat divers and aircraft would be part of the operation that would be deployed off the coast of Fuerteventura.

In 2002, the Navy held similar manoeuvres in the same area that caused the death of many cetaceans, such as whales and dolphins. For this reason, the City Council, through a motion presented by the Coalicion Canaria political party, demands that these military operations are stopped.

Colonel Luis Salvador Gomez-Guillamon, Delegate for Defence of the Canary Islands said that these military manoeuvres are necessary for the effective defence of Spain, and they will be carried out even though local residents may not like them. He also stated “These manoeuvres will respect the environment, as the main obligation.”

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