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Gran Canaria Fire Close to Fuel Storage

Gran Canaria Fire Close to Fuel StorageThis week, firefighters in Gran Canaria reported that they had extinguished a fire that occurred during the early hours of the morning in a scrap yard in the Salinetas Industrial Estate in the Municipality of Telde.

It is reported that the fire only affected materials in the waste material stored in a warehouse that was next to pipes belonging to Disa Petrol Company, where a large number of different types of fuels are stored.

Disa workers were the first to act to fight the fire that started in the scrap yard, and were soon joined by firefighters from Arinaga and Telde, and together these teams managed to control and then extinguish the fire after three hours.

The column of black smoke was visible throughout the morning from several points across the southeast of the island.

However, this is the second fire incident with the same characteristics that occurred in this industrial estate in March last year. Also, on 8 September this year, a similar incident occurred in a metal recovery plant in the Arinaga Industrial Estate. The firefighting teams are now investigating the causes of this week’s fire.

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