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Humanitarian Emergency Situation in Fuerteventura

Humanitarian Emergency Situation in FuerteventuraThe Government of Fuerteventura this week initiated the procedures to declare a humanitarian emergency situation on the island with the objective of being prepared and directly solving the response to the care for unaccompanied migrant children.

Marcial Morales, President of the Government of Fuerteventura, said “This is an administrative channel that allows us to urgently organise everything that has to do with care needed for these children, and has a validity of 90 days. The Government of Fuerteventura has the responsibility for all migrants that arrive on the island, and especially for the children who have recently arrived.”

The Minister of Social Affairs, Rosa Delia Rodriguez said, “Until Friday 26 October, there were 18 unaccompanied migrant children, but the new boat last week increased this to 28 children. This is a number that exceeds our quota of 24 for Fuerteventura, which was the number allocated by the Government of the Canary Islands in 2002.”

Rodriguez also said, “It is necessary to speed up the administrative procedures to activate all the necessary resources to care for unaccompanied migrant children.”

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