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​Police in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Now Hover Through the Streets

Police in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Now Hover Through the Streets

The City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is currently investing in renewing the material resources used by its Policia Local officers, but has also come up with a novel idea. Policia Local officers are not actually going to be using hover boards like those in ‘Back to the Future’ films, but will be currently seen using two Segways for patrolling the streets of the capital city.

After having rented these devices for a year to check out their usefulness to Policia Local officers, the City of Las Palmas has decided to buy two for 15,700 euros.

It’s not just that Segways can move faster than criminals running away from crimes, the City of Las Palmas tells us that police officers are more visible than if they are just walking, but now have greater mobility in pedestrian areas, and so can also travel greater distances in less time.

During the Christmas season in the Triana neighbourhood, residents and tourists could spot up to five police officers using Segways to maintain a security presence, and give reassurance to shoppers that the police are never far away and watching out for trouble. These ‘hover boarding’ police officers will also patrol the neighbourhoods of Canteras Beach and the Port area near to Santa Catalina Park.

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