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​New Technology to Predict Strong Waves in Tenerife

New Technology to Predict Strong Waves in TenerifeTechnicians from the public company, Grafcan, and the University of Cantabria have developed a predictive system for potential strong waves off the coast of Garachico in the north of Tenerife, and this week explained that the work will involve the installation at sea of a buoy with a reverse profiler.

As indicated in a communique from the Ministry of Territorial Policy, Sustainability and Security, this system will allow data to be obtained that will be used in predictive models, which will then be used to forecast in the medium term strong wave episodes.

Once the buoy is installed, the study will consist of numerically reproducing the historical events of flooding that have occurred in the area in the last 40 years, calibrate the numerical models used and define a methodology to predict the coastal flood events in the area in advance.

Based on these models, a system will be generated that will alert the relevant authorities when flood events are foreseen, so that they can be managed with the greatest possible efficiency for the safety of residents and vehicles in flood-prone areas.

The implementation of this prediction system is based on previous studies carried out by the Ministry’s staff together with Plocan since May 2017, in meetings with the research development group responsible for the Hidralerta system and the Garachico City Council to collect the necessary information for the calibration and validation of the system.

The Deputy Minister of the Environment of the Canary Islands Government, Blanca Perez, said “This project will respond to the needs of the Municipality of Garachico to anticipate the periodic invasions of the sea on the Avenida Maritima and on the TF-42 highway, by allowing preventive measures that will minimise the impact of storm waves.”

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