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​Spanish Naval Ships Carrying Out Exercises Close to Gran Canaria Coast

Spanish Naval Ships Carrying Out Exercises Close to Gran Canaria Coast

This week, the Spanish Navy, within the framework of the GRUFLEX-18 exercise, performed aeronautical demonstrations in front of Las Canteras Beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The Spanish Naval ships ‘Juan Carlos I’ and ‘Alvaro de Bazan’ sailed close to the shore, and local residents and tourists could see take offs of Harrier AV8 fighter planes, as well as SH3D helicopters, manoeuvres of special operations equipment using Fast Rope from helicopters onto the Alvaro de Bazan ship, as well as the fly past of fighter jets and helicopters from the ships. There were also flight formations over the beach, as well as stationary manoeuvres of helicopters and Harrier jets hovering above the sea in front of the beach.

This exercise is part of the GRUFLEX-18 operations currently taking place across the coastal areas of the Canary Islands, and in the Military Fields of La Isleta and the Pajara Shooting Range in Fuerteventura in a first phase, and then in the second phase will move to the Gulf of Cadiz and the Training Field of the Sierra del Retin in Cadiz.

The Navy issued a press release that explained that these amphibious exercises help its units to train for operations in order to maintain the protection of land spaces from the sea, humanitarian aid operations and to respond more effectively to situations of crisis.

These operations involved units of the Amphibious Group and Projection of the Navy Groups, the ships ‘Juan Carlos I’, ‘Galicia’ and eight boats used for amphibious landing of Naval groups on the beaches. It also had the participation of three escorts, the frigates ‘Alvaro de Bazan’, ‘Almirante Juan de Borbon’ and ‘Santa Maria’.

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