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Jealousy Leads to Serious Assault and Arrest in Gran Canaria

Jealously Leads to Serious Assault and Arrest in Gran CanariaThe Guardia Civil this week arrested a man in Vecindario, who is accused of running over the new partner of his ex-girlfriend, and hitting him with an iron bar. The victim was then transferred to the local health centre. The ex-girlfriend witnessed the incident, but was not injured.

The events took place in the early evening in Vecindario, when a 25-year-old man saw the new partner of his ex-girlfriend walking together, and without any warning, he accelerated his car and tried to run over the other man.

The victim was not seriously injured by the car incident, but the accused got out of his car with an iron bar, and went straight for the victim, and hit him at least once with the iron bar, and fractured his arm.

The accused then got back into his car and left the scene of this serious assault. Police who came to the scene then had to chase the accused, who managed to cause significant damage to several other cars that were parked in the area, when trying to escape from the police car.

The alleged assailant was finally arrested by officers of the Guardia Civil.

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