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​Success of New Wind Turbine Energy Site in Gran Canaria

Success of New Wind Turbine Energy Site in Gran Canaria

The President of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, this week inaugurated the wind farm clean energy site in the southeast of Gran Canaria constructed by Naturgy. This new wind farm is a complex made up of 16 wind turbines that produce 41 megawatts of power, from an investment of 63 million euros.

The Naturgy wind farm in the municipality of Aguimes is formally distributed in eight parks: Balcon de Balos, Doramas, La Vaqueria, Montaña Perros, Piletas 1, Triquivijate, Vientos del Roque and Haria, which started operating in April.

The energy company says that these 16 wind turbines will produce about 127 Gwh of electricity per year, and is equivalent to the consumption of around 50,000 homes.

This new wind turbine energy site will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by around 95,000 tons per year, and provide energy that will not be necessary to generate in conventional fuel oil or diesel power plants on the island.

Ana Peris, Generation Director of Naturgy said “With the development of these projects, Naturgy reinforces its commitment to the Canary Islands, and demonstrates the strong commitment of the company to increased renewable generation of power identified in our Strategic Plan 2018-2022.”

Fernando Clavijo said “This Aguimes wind farm represents a very important step in Gran Canaria, and for the whole archipelago, towards the decarbonisation of the islands’ energy system.”

The event was also attended by the President of the Government of Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, who said “These parks represent an important step for the penetration of renewable energy on the island. We have been very slow and we still do not have what our natural conditions can provide. Now it is time for efforts to expand the renewable energy mix of Gran Canaria and open the participation to investments, such as the one carried out by Naturgy to facilitate actions, such as these parks.”

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