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​Largest Ever Budget for Gran Canaria

Largest Ever Budget for Gran CanariaThe Government of Gran Canaria will present its budget project for 2019 at a plenary session on 17 December with an investment of 913 million euros, the largest in its history, and with 54 million euros more than the 2018 budget.

If these accounts are approved, the Government of Gran Canaria will achieve budgets 54% higher than those managed in 2015 (592 million euros).

At the press conference, Antonio Morales, President of the Government of Gran Canaria said “This is the highest budget in the history of the Government of Gran Canaria without any doubt, and a proposal planned for 2019 that has never been seen before in social and economic development. Half of the global amount of the new budget with focus on the two basic precepts of the government. These are to fight unemployment and poverty, and generate a productive economy and economic development with eco-development.”

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