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Lanzarote Parents Suspected of Child Abuse Released from Questioning

Lanzarote Parents Suspected of Child Abuse Released from QuestioningThe magistrate of the Court of Instruction of Arrecife in Lanzarote has been investigating the parents of a baby of four months, and has decreed that the parents can be released from police questioning, but the baby must remain in a child care centre, where he was placed on suspicions of abuse.

The magistrate has not taken any precautionary measure against this couple, who are both under the age of 22 years, and said that he understood their explanations were coherent.

However, while investigations continue regarding the alleged crime of abuse against the baby, the court waits for a statement from the doctors who have been treating the child.

The medical team of the public hospital of Doctor Jose Molina Orosa in Arrecife filed a complaint with the Court on 14 November, which activated the protocol of ill treatment due to the baby presenting a skull fracture when admitted, but had also attended the hospital a few weeks previously presenting a broken femur.

The judicial authority agreed to refer the guardianship of the child to the Government of the Canary Islands, and after his medical discharge, to allow him to enter a public juvenile centre. The parents were summoned to give a statement about these injuries, but at no time have they been detained or deprived of their liberty.

In a statement, the mother of the baby explained that the case of the first injury arose when the baby was 19 days old. She said that due to the obvious discomfort of the child, she took him to the hospital, where they explained that either the child had broken the bone when putting his leg between the bars of the crib, or had been born with a bubble of air in the leg that had created such a fracture. The couple have implored the judicial authority to return their child to them.

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