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​Giant Lizard Rescued in Gran Canaria

Giant Lizard Rescued in Gran Canaria

Policia Local of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria were tasked with an unusual task when they were called to Tamaraceite by local residents who found a giant lizard walking along through their shopping centre.

It is reported that his giant lizard was not too difficult to find and capture, as he tended to move rather slowly. The police officers carefully transported this giant lizard to the Wildlife Recovery Centre of the Government of Gran Canaria, and their experts said that the lizard weighed around 700 grams.

this type of lizard is very common in the Tamaraceite area. Prior to the construction of the Tamaraceite shopping centre, a campaign was launched to collect the lizard community by experts from the Wildlife Recovery Centre, and relocate these lizards to another less busy centre. Obviously, this lizard got missed in the previous collection of giant lizards, but hopefully he will soon find a new and safer home.

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