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Canary Islands Link South Korea with African Markets

Canary Islands Link South Korea with African MarketsThe Nautical Association of the Canary Islands (Asnautica) has announced that it has arranged several working meetings with companies from South Korea with the intention of seeking alliances and to jointly address the African market.

Carmen Fernandez, Vice President of Asnautica said in a statement, “We value this commercial mission, and we want to combine the latest technology that is offered by a country like South Korea and with the knowledge that Canarian business people have of the African markets that are so close to the Canary Islands.”

Fernandez explained, “For Koreans, West Africa remains a distant and less interesting destination compared to more priority destinations, such as America and Europe. Therefore, collaboration with the Canary Islands would be profitable for both parties.”

Also, the tax advantages offered by the Canary Islands and the improvement of air and sea transport with African countries provide added value to these meetings.

Following the meetings in the Canary Islands, the mission will also travel to the capital of South Korea, Seoul, as well as to one of the first manufacturing centres of the country, Incheon.

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