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Almond Blossom Time in Tenerife

Almond Blossom Time in Tenerife

Santiago del Teide is showing almond trees to be very advanced for their flowering this year, and this could be linked to the high temperatures that were recorded in December last year.

This good weather has also encouraged early flowering of several other plant species.

The early flowering of almond trees has surprised the residents of the Municipality of Santiago del Teide in Tenerife, which is part of a walking route that makes a wonderful spectacle for tourists and residents at this time of the year, but normally later in February.

Local residents say that this is not a new event, and that it started a few years ago. They point to climate change as being directly responsible for this disorder of nature.

Exploring the roads of the Municipality of Santiago del Teide is considered to be a luxury that should not be missed, because the almond blossoms are the prelude to spring. This also plays a very important role in the hiking routes that cover different parts of Tenerife, and is one of the biggest natural attractions of the island.

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