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La Graciosa Has Investment for Improving Sanitation

La Graciosa Has Investment for Improving SanitationThe Government of the Canary Islands will invest another two million euros to connect a total of 250 homes in Caleta de Sebo to the La Graciosa’s sanitation network, following a visit by Fernando Clavijo, President of the Canary Islands Government.

Clavijo said that the Executive had already invested five million euros in the creation of this sanitation network, and the new investment funds will be transferred to the Government of Lanzarote to carry out this further extension, and the eighth project completed on the island of La Graciosa.

This improvement in infrastructure is of great importance for the residents of La Graciosa, an island where more than 700 residents are registered, and where more than 2,000 tourists visit each day.

Fernando Clavijo was on an official visit to La Graciosa, which is hosting for the first time a meeting of the Governing Council of the autonomous community since the new Statute officially recognised it as the 8thisland of the archipelago.

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