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​Police Find Hashish Inside a Baguette in Lanzarote

Police Find Hashish Inside a Baguette in LanzarotePolicia Local in Yaiza in Lanzarote have just found that a baguette in a kiosk at Playa Blanca had 400 grams of hashish inside.

Police were alerted to the possible existence of ‘retail’ drugs from this kiosk, and motivated the investigation when police officers came to the premises and identified the owner as a man of 44 years of age and of foreign nationality who was in this kiosk.

The police then continued their investigation along the shelves of the kiosk, and located several bags of bread and bread rolls, where they found a baguette prepared with two tablets of hashish that weighed around 400 grams, wrapped in transparent plastic.

This led to the arrest of the man for the crime against public health, but it is also reported that this man had been arrested at the end of 2018 for similar activities, when Policia Local of Yaiza discovered around 2.5 kilos of hashish.

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