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Remains of Body Found near Lanzarote Beach

Remains of Body Found near Lanzarote BeachThe Guardia Civil have been investigating the remains of a body found near a beach in Lanzarote by a local resident in the east of Lanzarote. The Guardia Civil have been trying to confirm or discard the premise that the body part is that of Romina Celeste Nuñez, a girl from Paraguay who disappeared on New Year’s Eve.

Since the disappearance of Romina, police have been investigating Raul DC, husband of the disappeared person, and currently accuse him of possible crimes of homicide or murder and habitual domestic abuse.

The remains of the human body are described as an organic fragment that was found by a local resident in a solid waste container near the beach. However, this man did not report his discovery for 10 days, after the photograph of the missing woman was released.

The waste container was then removed for forensic investigation.

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