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African Sculpture in Tenerife

African Sculpture in TenerifeThe Caja Canarias Foundation of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has been hosting an exhibition of African sculptures called Africa – Babel, the Art of a Continent. This exhibition included over 350 works of art including grand sculptures of dramatic expressions from the most important private collections of African art, and have been exhibited for the first time in the Canary Islands.

Guillermo Martinez, owner of the sculptures and curator of the exhibition, said that this traditional African art focuses on the peoples of the equatorial and tropical belt from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. He also said “It has taken me 35 years to collect these pieces of art, and I have travelled through 11 African countries, including Cameroon, Nigeria and the Congo. It is these three countries that form most of the art works on display and I consider these to be most powerful artistically and aesthetically rich.”

One of the works of sculpture art that stands out is a colossal sarcophagus Nkunu Nkundu of the Ngata ethnic group, as the Nkudu had traditionally worked the human form in sarcophagi that left a deep impression in the artistic avant-garde of the early 20thCentury.

The bronze statue of Queen Barmoun is another of the jewels in the collection and represents Queen Mother Madouth, also known as Mother of Mankind.

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