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DNA Analysis in Lanzarote Confirms Missing Girl

DNA Analysis in Lanzarote Confirms Missing GirlThe Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands has just confirmed that DNA analysis of a piece of human lung found on the coast of Lanzarote a few weeks ago belongs to Romina Celeste Nuñez, the Paraguayan girl who disappeared on New Year’s Eve.

Forensic scientists had provisional results that suggested that these remains could belong to Romina, obtained by comparing them with the genetic trace of some personal belongings of the young woman, but the definitive proof has now been provided by comparing the DNA of her mother who arrived in Lanzarote ten days ago.

The young woman’s husband, Raul DC, has been in provisional detention since January on charges of murder and habitual mistreatment, although so far, he has denied killing her, but that he found her dead on returning home. He is reported to have said that on New Year’s Eve, he got scared and got rid of the body by leaving parts of her body in different areas of the Lanzarote coastline.

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