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​Giant Jigsaw Puzzle in Lanzarote

Giant Jigsaw Puzzle in Lanzarote

Challenge Canario 2019 has just been held in Lanzarote, which required the completion of a jigsaw puzzle composed of 91 photographs of Lanzarote made up of 45,500 pieces that had to be finished within a time limit.

Seventy-five people joined this jigsaw puzzle challenge, and gained a world record for completing this giant jigsaw puzzle, and the clock was stopped 10 hours before the time limit was up. The next problem for the organisers of this event is to find a place to exhibit the biggest jigsaw puzzle in the world.

This event was organised by the Government of Lanzarote, the Mercedes Medina Diaz Association, the Isaac Newton Society and Mathematics and Aepuzz teachers. The maximum time set was less than 42 hours. This matched the challenge achieved in La Palma with a puzzle of the same material and number of pieces.

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