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​Internet Scams Discovered in Fuerteventura

Internet Scams Discovered in Fuerteventura

Officers of the Guardia Civil, with the framework of Operation Pillory, have dismantled a criminal group accused of 33 scams for a total of 40,000 euros, committed through the Internet in 17 Spanish provinces, including Fuerteventura, in addition to another reported by police in Germany.

The case that related to a victim of Internet scam in Tuineje in Fuerteventura was actually reported in Vecindario in Gran Canaria, where Guardia Civil agents were told of this scam that occurred on 24 and 24 May 2018. This scam amounted to 2,000 euros when four different charges of 500 euros were taken.

The alleged perpetrators have been charged with a crime of continued fraud, misappropriation of civil status and membership of an organised criminal group. Another victim in Peralta in Navarra claimed that eight unauthorised transactions each amounting to 500 euros each were taken, and losing a total of 4,000 euros.

The Guardia Civil said that to access this money, the method of ‘phishing’ was used, which consists of sending an email to the victim, pretending to be their bank, and requesting username and password.

Once these were obtained, the perpetrators of the scam accessed the victims’ current accounts, and took money through a mobile payment application, with which several banking entities work, with amounts that varied between 100 euros and 4,000 euros.

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