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Lanzarote Airport Now Renamed

Lanzarote Airport Now RenamedThe airport of Lanzarote is now called Airport Cesar Manrique Lanzarote at the request of the Ministry of Development. This change of name also coincides with the change of the official name of Barcelona El Prat Airport that now becomes the Josep Tarradellas Airport Barcelona El Prat to honour the memory of the former president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in recognition and respect for his historical role and as a reminder of his legacy this year that marks the 30thanniversary of his death.

The Cesar Manrique Lanzarote Airport pays tribute to the memory and legacy of the Canarian artist, coinciding with the centenary of his birth on 24 April, to give his name to the airport of the island where he was born.

Cesar Manrique has been widely linked to all the Canary Islands, as his work as a painter, sculptor and artist is intimately linked to the defence of ecology and the environment, and he wanted to achieve the perfect interaction between artistic expression and nature and to the image and projection of the Canary Islands for visitors. It is also well known that it was his work to maintain landscape values of the island of Lanzarote that has contributed to its sustainable development for tourism.

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