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​MetroGuagua in Gran Canaria to Become Icon of Las Palmas

MetroGuagua in Gran Canaria to Become Icon of Las Palmas

The planned MetroGuagua interchange at Hoya de la Plata, which will improve mobility in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is planned to become an iconic centre in the southern region of the city, as well as for the whole capital city.

A recent presentation meeting for this project included the participation of Mobility Councillor, Jose Eduardo Ramirez, the Architect, Carlos Diez, and the General Director of Municipal Buses, Miguel Angel Rodriquez.

Ramirez said “We are talking about an area of 7,900 square metres that will have not only spaces necessary for the operation of the MetroGuagua for workshops, offices and a control centre, but also for commercial and public spaces with new parks and green areas.”

This presentation explained that the new MetroGuagua interchange station will be tendered in the next three or four months for an amount of around 10 million euros, and this project will take around two years to complete. It was emphasised that this interchange for the MetroGuagua was a whole would be ‘revolutionary’ for the mobility of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, since it will change the culture of the movement of citizens with this ‘transformative’ initiative within an urban context.

This interchange will eventually become the garage for the MetroGuagua vehicles, the origin and destination of the routes, and where the vehicles will ‘sleep’ when not needed, as well as space for taxi stops and bike parking.

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