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​The Journeys of Turtles Released from Fuerteventura

The Journeys of Turtles Released from Fuerteventura

One year ago this month, five loggerhead turtles bred in captivity were released from the beach of Cofete in Fuerteventura, and had GPS transmitters attached to them. This data on their migratory routes has just been published and provides fascinating information about these Canary Islands sea creatures.

These loggerhead turtles were bred in captivity for eight years within a programme of reintroduction of the species in the islands. The tracking transmitters were monitored by satellites, and their migratory routes have been disparate, where some travelled to the African coast and others to the coast of America, which surprised the experts because of the difficulties involved in such a route.

The desire now of the scientists is that they return to nest on the coasts of Fuerteventura, where in addition to these five turtles, there have been around 1000 other turtles released to the coastal waters of the island.

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