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​Chaotic Situations at Tenerife Airport

Chaotic Situations at Tenerife Airport

The workers’ committee has warned Tenerife South Airport that insufficient staff is generating an unbearable work overload and unnecessary stress that often requires the elimination of important tasks.

In a statement, Tenerife South Airport warned that there are chaotic and overflowing situations, which will increase once the second terminal is built, because there is no intention of the management to hire staff to meet the new needs of the airport.

Workers insist that “the current staff level is insufficient to face the huge increase in recent years, and criticise the management who they claim only seem to care about work absenteeism, have no claims and generate profits at all costs.”

The committee also reports that staff include six doctors and a nurse to cover 14 shifts of 12 hours per week, which does not cover possible eventualities and assistance to passengers. There is also criticism of the lack of an activation protocol for 112 and demand training of personnel in first aid and the use of defibrillators.

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