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​Archaeologists Return to Fuerteventura Volcanic Tube

Archaeologists Return to Fuerteventura Volcanic TubeThe Cave of Villaverde in the Municipality of La Oliva in Fuerteventura is a volcanic tube with important evidence about the prehistorical periods of the island that was discovered in 1979, but was closed again in 1988.

This team of archaeologists first entered the cave in 2018, and used new technologies to disseminate their findings, and the next visit this month will be a new phase of intervention.

After forty years, this project aims to learn more about the artefacts hidden inside this cave with funding from the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage in collaboration with the Island Government of Fuerteventura and the City of Lo Oliva.

This team of archaeologists will focus their research on geology and topography, which is a priority to define the limits of the site, expand the excavation area, specify the state of conservation and plan future explorations.

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