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​Canary Islands Banana Fibre Could Reduce Plastic Waste

Canary Islands Banana Fibre Could Reduce Plastic WasteFibras Naturales Canarias has been given an award by the Government of Gran Canaria for its project to obtain an ecological fibre from the waste of the banana plant that is widely grown across the Canary Islands.

This is the third year of the ‘Enorte’ contest to identify innovative ideas across the Canary Islands and this year there were fifteen proposals, including guided routes to agricultural plantations, crop control, fumigation by drone, mobile applications of services and a web site for fruit and vegetable growers.

Nestor Santiago, promoter of Enorte explained that his project could convert over 2.5 million banana trees into pulp and ecological fibre. This process is already in use, and the processed banana trees are placed into bags and used to cover pineapple plants, used for biodegradable containers and for fish feed. The idea of using natural fibres has been developed with financing from the European Union Life Baqua programme.

Nestor Santiago also said “This material is biodegradable and reduces the use of plastic bags used for crops, which uses 130 tons of plastic in Gran Canaria, but then this disintegrates, and pollutes the soil. The greatest achievement would be to reduce the pollution suffered by the Canary Islands and establish a new model of a recycling economy to deal with the waste from banana plants.”

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