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​Direct Descendants of the King of Spain Still Live in La Palma

Direct Descendants of the King of Spain Still Live in La Palma

Who do you think you are? Well around 60% of the indigenous residents of Las Breñas in La Palma now know they are directly descended from the Kings of Castile and Portugal, according to a new study funded by the Government of La Palma. This study has been investigating the descendants of Pedro I of Castile “El Cruel” (1334 – 1369).

The researchers, Francisco Javier Martin, Angel Luis Perez and Pedro Javier Castañeda say they can scientifically demonstrate a direct blood line with the Kings of Castile and Portugal in several regions of Las Breñas.

Primitivo Jeronimo, Councillor of Culture and Historical Heritage said that this study has been undertaken by two university professors and the pastor of Breña Baja, and traces links back to the period of the Conquest. He said “Thanks to the work of these three authors, today we can better understand the genealogical origin of many Las Breñas families”.

The pastor of Breña Baja, Angel Luis Perez, indicated that his contribution to this study was focused on investigating the census data of 1907 and 1920 to identify the genealogy of the families selected for this sample.

Francisco Javier Martin explained that the sample chosen for the investigation included 266 families, and 79 turned out to be direct descendants of the King of Castile. The census of 1603 provided data for Breña Alta, Breña Baja and a small part of Villa de Mazo, and known collectively as Las Breñas.

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