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Arrests in Tenerife for Theft of Avocados

Arrests in Tenerife for Theft of AvocadosThe Guardia Civil has arrested and investigated five people as alleged perpetrators of a continuous crime of theft with force on farms in the north of Tenerife, and are reported to have taken around one thousand kilos of avocados.

This investigation was called “Calibre Norte” and the Guardia Civil had focused on thefts from agricultural facilities in order to intensify preventative controls in areas susceptible to theft.

The five people allegedly involved in these robberies had common ties and acted in a segregated and independent manner, and they knew the area where the thefts took place very well.

Apparently, the robberies were committed in broad daylight in the afternoon, and the defendants had understanding of the transit schedule of the owners and workers at these farms, as well as easy access to them. The avocados were stolen in 50 kilo bags and transported in vans, but at other times they hid the sacks in the undergrowth to collect later.

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