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Europe’s Largest Water Park in Gran Canaria - Will it Ever Happen?

Europe’s Largest Water Park in Gran Canaria - Will it Ever Happen?

You've possibly heard it all before; it has been going on for months, possibly years. The new Gran Canaria Water Park will soon see the first tentative stages of construction this week with local building company, Satocan, at last moving earth to create underground storm channels for the El Veril ravine, which is the preliminary step before Grupo Loro Parque begins to construct the Gran Canaria Siam Park next year.

This first stage of the giant project should be completed within four months and has a budget of two million euros, allowing for flexibility of timing and financing. This site is planned to become the largest water park in Europe, but needs the ravine to have channels constructed for rainwater during storms. This will involve creating underground tunnels for this drainage infrastructure.

The Kiessling Group that owns Grupo Loro Parque and Siam Park in Tenerife is hoping to open this new leisure park within two years, but don't hold your breath. 2019 could possibly see a massive increase in tourists who want to experience this new unique water park, and the owners are also planning to build a hotel on the site, so not far to walk to reach the water attractions!

Those of us that cover these endless, suited press conferences have heard it all many times before. Despite the fine oratory, the island has become synonymous with failed and unfulfilled projects in recent years. If in doubt, just ask what happened to the plans for the Gran Canaria Railway, the Space Port and the Chinese Village. Projects announced with great enthusiasm often simply disappear, are seriously over budget, suffer from an unrealistic timescale, or slip into the legal mists of time. This project has generated a fair amount of newsprint and high expectations over the last few months, which could easily turn into years before the first tickets are sold. Will this project ever come to fruition? Is it worth the effort and potential damage to the environment? Do we really need another water park on the island? Don't unpack your Speedos just yet as we suspect that this story will just run and run...

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