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​Gran Canaria Investigates Vulnerability to Climate Change

Gran Canaria Investigates Vulnerability to Climate Change

Next summer, Gran Canaria will begin a diagnosis of vulnerability to climate change that is intended to serve as a tool to define actions that could reduce the risks from this phenomenon within a framework initiative led by the island government.

This diagnosis will create an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions across the island, which supports the Government of Gran Canaria’s Covenant for Climate and Sustainable Energy developed from a European Union initiative. All municipalities are invited to join this project to fight against climate change, because according to scientific forecasts by the year 2100 there will be a two degree increase in average temperatures globally. This would create economic and health problems for communities across the world.

Ten municipalities have already agreed to take part in this project, which already has an investment budget. Each municipality across the island will be asked to collaborate by writing a Plan of Action for Climate and Sustainable Energy, based on advice from engineers who are specifically trained to measure this information.

The ultimate aim is for each municipality of Gran Canaria to achieve a 40% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, which meets the objectives set by the European Union. So far, the 10 municipalities who are already adhered to this principle include Aguimes, Firgas, Galdar, Ingenio, Moya, Santa Brigida, Tejeda, Telde, Valleseco and Valesquillo.

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