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​Another Airline Cancels Flights to the Canary Islands

Another Airline Cancels Flights to the Canary Islands

Passengers who had booked to fly from Birmingham Airport to Gran Canaria and Tenerife in the Canary Islands, as well as those planning to travel to Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga in Peninsular Spain have been left devastated that Norwegian has cancelled all these flights after this week. All Norwegian passengers currently staying in Spanish and Canary Islands resorts will have until Saturday 28 October before all outgoing flights are cancelled. Concerned Norwegian customers should contact the company for more information.

The Norwegian website has issued the following statement. “Following a review of our services we will cease operating flights from Birmingham to Spain with the last services departing on Saturday, 28 October. A natural part of our UK development will see some reductions in routes with lower passenger demand, allowing us to focus instead on providing affordable flights on strong performing routes.

Although many flight companies provide reduced connection service to destinations in Peninsular Spain over the winter period, when fewer UK residents take holidays, the destinations of Gran Canaria and Tenerife begin their high tourist season over the autumn, winter and spring periods. This raises a strange reason for Norwegian to stop flights to the Canary Islands so suddenly.

Birmingham Airport also appears to be experiencing reduced services for flight passengers with cancellations by United Airlines, American Airlines and Monarch Airlines now bankrupt. The airport has also seen cancellations of flights to Ireland with Aer Southeast and reduced flights to Dubai with Emirates.

Many tourists planning holidays will be concerned that the failure of Monarch Airlines, sudden cancellations by Norwegian and chaotic rescheduling by Ryanair pose instability for low cost airlines that have kept the tourist industry in Spain and the Canary Islands so busy over recent years. Which will be the next company to announce cancellations or airline collapse?


One day after Norwegain airlines announced it is cancelling flights from Birmingham to Spain and the Canary Islands from this weekend, sources indicate that direct winter flights from Manchester and Edinburgh to the Spanish Peninsular have also been cancelled.

There are no flights available from this weekend to Peninsular Spain from Manchester and Edinburgh. Popular winter sun routes to Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga are also cancelled.

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