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​Gran Canaria Foreign Resident Falsely Claims Robbery

Gran Canaria Foreign Resident Falsely Claims Robbery

A foreign resident in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, told local police that after he had withdrawn 900 euros from a bank machine, he was then robbed. This incident was reported earlier this year, but the police had some suspicions about the evidence presented by the 23-year-old victim of this robbery.

This week, the police concluded their investigations into this incident in Puerto Rico, and found that local security cameras had recorded this incident. However, the camera evidence showed this 23-year-old foreign resident withdrawing the money from the bank machine and then walking away from the bank, and was not robbed.

The police have now arrested this foreign resident for misinforming the police and wasting their time, and for attempting to defraud the bank by claiming he had been robbed, but just lied.

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