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​Lanzarote Used as Testing Ground for Space Research

Lanzarote Used as Testing Ground for Space Research

The European Space Agency will use the island of Lanzarote as part of its exploration of unknown planets

The European Space Agency regards the island as a 'unique geological museum’; one of the best places on Earth to understand the interaction of volcanic activity with water: two key factors for the search for life.

Astronauts, scientists and engineers will train on the island to make the most of the exploration of planets.

The island’s volcanoes of the island are similar to those of some regions of Mars, and the lava flows resemble the plains of the lunar surface. The expedition will learn to recognise interesting rocks and will test instruments and protocols for future space expeditions.

The group will arrive on the island next week and will benefit from the knowledge and experience of Spanish astronaut, Pedro Duque, who arrived in Lanzarote last year.

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