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​Tenerife Invests in Improved Purification of Waste Water

Tenerife Invests in Improved Purification of Waste Water

The waste water treatment plant of Valle de Guerra in Tenerife has gained approval for improved hydraulic works with an investment of 12 million euros from the Government of the Canary Islands. This was announced at a ceremony attended by the President of the Canary Islands, the President of Tenerife Government, and the Mayor of La Laguna.

This improvement work involves modernising the current waste water treatment system in this region, and should benefit around 400 local farms, and should ensure that the European Commission removes this area from a list of breaches of the European Water Framework Directive. This should meet the current and future needs of the local population, as well as the agricultural sector of this region including the areas of La Laguna, Tacoronte and Tegueste.

The capacity of the current installation has been exceeded and the salinity of the resulting purified water has prevented its reuse in agriculture for livestock, but these improved purification systems will meet European standards in terms of structure, treatment, water quality and energy efficiency. Eventually, this treatment plant will be able to treat up to 9300 cubic litres of waste water each day with a new desalination station, tanks, pumps and irrigation network.

For those interested in the detail of this new purification process, this will involve a process of sludge activated in prolonged oxidation with ultrafiltration membranes followed by a compact pre-treatment. Then the purified water will be passed through a reversible electro dialysis facility to reduce its salinity.

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