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​Young Residents of La Gomera Now Have Unlimited Travel in Tenerife

Young Residents of La Gomera Now Have Unlimited Travel in Tenerife

Many young people from La Gomera continue their studies on the island of Tenerife, but have been faced with the added expense of transport costs when travelling by bus and tram. However, now young people under the age of 30 years will have access to unlimited travel by bus and tram for one month, and the cost for each young person of 40 euros will be paid by the La Gomera Government.

This student transport card will be of great benefit for around 400 La Gomera students studying in education centres in Tenerife, and was announced at a meeting of the President of Tenerife Government, Carlos Alonso and the President of La Gomera, Casimiero Curbelo.

This means that students from La Gomera can now join an existing scheme that benefits 15,000 students, and La Gomera students no longer have to bear the costs of bus and tram travel, and their families will also be greatly relieved for these much-discounted travel costs when travelling in Tenerife.

This young passenger travel card is new, as it represents a significant reduction of costs from existing offers of discounts for travellers of buses and trams, and targets young people in the same way that elderly people benefit from discounted fares. This youth travel card can be used for one month for La Gomera residents on the tram and all urban, interurban and metropolitan bus lines in Tenerife.

This youth travel card is personalised with the student’s name, and allows access to other discounts, balances can be checked and recharged, and if lost can be renewed.

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