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​Tenerife Apartment Block to be Demolished

Tenerife Apartment Block to be Demolished

After a period of 42 years the construction of an apartment block meant to provide 174 apartments in Añaza in Santa Cruz de Tenerife will now at last be demolished without the owner’s permission.

This half built construction has been a problem for many years, and the local municipality has tried on numerous occasions to contact the builders without success.

This apartment’s original building permit has now expired, and should allow the local authority to demolish the building without the need for the permission of the owner. However, this demolition is likely to cost around one million euros, so the municipality is asking for some financial help from other public administrations to pay for this. One other option is to permanently wall off the property and just leave it.

This half built construction site has been a focus for residents to leave rubbish, and has been a dangerous attraction for young people, and over the last 42 years some young children have even lost their lives.

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