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​Better Access to Fuerteventura Rock Engravings

Better Access to Fuerteventura Rock Engravings

The Government of Fuerteventura has just announced that it will soon allow guided tours for groups to observe the rock engravings on the mountain of Tindaya that are of significant cultural interest. Investment of over 190,000 euros has been agreed to carry out structural work to improve path access for these guided tours, and to ensure the protection of these archaeological treasures. Grupo Aerathea will carry out all the path improvements, and this project has been promoted by the Insular Council of Historical Heritage.

Following the signing of this contract, the company has two months to present plans for the final project, which includes clearing the trail, identifying landmarks, panels and information displays close to the engravings, as well as information about the flora, fauna and geology of this environment.

President of Fuerteventura, Marcial Morales says “the Government’s priority objective are the conservation and administration of the island’s historical heritage.”

Public access to Tindaya mountain was suspended in 2013 by the Historical Heritage Council to evaluate how these rock engravings could be protected, and still provide access for people to see these unique archaeological remains.

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