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​Lanzarote and the Chinijo Archipelago Master Plan

Lanzarote and the Chinijo Archipelago Master Plan

The Supreme Court has annulled the Master Plan for the Use and Management of the Chinijo Archipelago, which rejects the appeal presented by the Canary Islands Government.

This document had affirmed the Chinijo Archipelago to be a Natural Park, but the Supreme Court judged that this declaration was ineffective, as it lacked a plan for regulating this region’s natural resources. The court reported that this plan should detail what natural resources there are on the small islands or islets of La Graciosa, Alegranza, Montaña Clara and Roques del Este and del Oeste, as these would need to be protected, as well as their current state of conservation and evolution.

This master plan has been seen as critically important due to the actions of the family that owns the island of Alegranza that have resulted in court judgements against this family for various activities on the island.

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