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​Local Gran Canaria Resident Missing for a Month

Local Gran Canaria Resident Missing for a Month

The family of Ruben Ramos aged 52 years has been missing since 8 December 2017, and they have been appealing for help from local people to find him. This week around 200 local residents searched the area near to Arteara in Gran Canaria called Barranco de Los Caaserones. These local people were supported by two groups who specialise in searching for missing persons, called GEBE and GIOS, as well as family and friends of Ruben.

Ruben’s family do not believe that he disappeared voluntarily, and describe him as thin, around 1 metre 60 centimetres in height and with a distinctive moustache, and was last seen wearing a khaki coat and a hat.

Ruben’s sister, Dunia, said “Nobody has seen him, and friends are looking for him in La Palma, because he likes this island, and others have been looking for him in Fuerteventura and Tenerife, but we do not believe that he has left the island”.

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