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​Most Drownings in the Canary Islands Due to No Lifeguard

Most Drownings in the Canary Islands Due to No Lifeguard

Eight out of ten people who drowned in swimming incidents across the Canary Islands last year, which relates to 78 out of 93 drowning incidents, lost their lives when there was no lifeguard at the site according to the Spanish Lifeguard Federation.

This report shows that of the 93 people died from drowning in the Canary Islands last year, 71 drowned close to beaches, three in swimming pools and 19 in other coastal areas. Forty-five of these drowning victims were Spanish, 32 were citizens from other European countries, one was Asian and 15 for whom their nationality was unknown.

This report also shows that 73 men drowned compared with 20 women, so that three quarters of all drowning incidents involved men. In addition, there were 16 cases of drowning for those aged between 35 years and 44 years, 14 cases for those aged between 65 years and 74 years, and 13 cases for those aged between 55 years and 64 years.

Gran Canaria had the highest number of drownings with 34 victims, Tenerife had 23 victims of drowning, Fuerteventura had 19 victims, Lanzarote had nine victims, La Palma had four victims, and La Gomera and El Hierro each had two victims.

This shows that the number of deaths from drowning has doubled in Gran Canaria from the previous year, Tenerife has maintained a similar number of drownings, Fuerteventura has increased slightly, and Lanzarote has reduced by one victim. La Palma reduced its number of drownings from six to four, La Gomera reduced from three to two, but El Hierro rose from no deaths in 2016 to two in 2017.

The clear warning for tourists and residents across all the Canary Islands is to only swim in the sea or in swimming pools when a lifeguard is present and to obey the flags on beaches to warn of danger or safety for swimming.

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