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​Tenerife Sun Sets on Sunset Boulevard Musical

Tenerife Sun Sets on Sunset Boulevard Musical

The world-famous musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sunset Boulevard, has just closed after a very successful series of performances in Tenerife. This musical has mostly been performed in English across the world, but the musical show in Tenerife was the first time that Sunset Boulevard has been performed in Spanish in the Auditorio de Tenerife Adan Martin.

Local audiences gave strong support for the performances of the cast, and especially for Paloma San Basilio who played the lead character of Sunset Boulevard, which is based on an earlier film by Billy Wilder.

The Director of this musical show, Jaime Azpilicueta, said “this show, created and premiered here in Tenerife will have a long life, and not only in theatres in the rest of Spain, but also across the world in Spanish speaking communities. This world premiere of Sunset Boulevard sung in Spanish was chosen to pay tribute to the Broadway musical theatre of the 1950s.”

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