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​Prison Sentence in Fuerteventura for Murder of Young Man

Prison Sentence in Fuerteventura for Murder of Young Man

The Central Court of Fuerteventura has ordered unconditional imprisonment for a 64-year-old local man for the murder of a young 25-year-old man who he stabbed and attacked last week on the island.

The defendant identified as JML is a resident of Costa Calma de Pajara Municipality where the incident took place, and has now been transferred to Tahiche prison in Lanzarote.

The alleged murderer is accused of killing the 25-year-old Gran Canaria young man with stab wounds and other injuries after engaging in an argument, because he lived in a property he owned as a squat.

The defendant has numerous criminal records and was arrested shortly after this murder by officers of the Guardia Civil. Several local residents witnessed how the victim and aggressor fought in a street in the municipality of Pajara, one with a stick and the other with a glass bottle, and the youngest ended up fleeing the scene and was pursued by the older man. This incident ended with the young man falling to the ground and he received six stab wounds from the older man, and later died.

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