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​Man Sentenced to Prison for Stabbing Victim in Tafira in Gran Canaria

Man Sentenced to Prison for Stabbing Victim in Tafira in Gran Canaria

The Provincial Court of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria this week sentenced a Moroccan citizen Yassin Othman, aged 30 years to 20 years, six months and one day in prison as the perpetrator of the murder and robbery of Jose Manuel TM, a 38-year-old from Gran Canaria in February 2017 in Tafira.

The court reports that the accused was at a place near the residence of Jose Manuel TM, the El Lentiscal Restaurant on the old Tafira Road, and when he saw that he was leaving from his house and went to the bus stop, he approached him ‘wielding a knife of remarkable dimensions that he had brought from his home, and suddenly and without Jose Manuel seeing him coming, he attacked him with the purpose of ending his life to the head and the right arm’.

As a result of the attack, Jose Manuel fell to his knees, but the attacker continued to stab the knife into his face, eyes and neck, and finally stabbed him at least three times in the thorax.

The victim received 43 stab wounds and died shortly after the attack by bleeding from his wounds where his lung was pierced. The Othman seized the backpack that Jose Manuel was carrying, which contained his personal effect and 550 euros that was his salary for the month.

The defendant had been a friend of the victim, and the attack is believed to be caused by the victim testifying against the attacker in an open judicial investigation following the complaint of another resident of Tafira who had accused Othman of theft and threats.

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