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Wheelchair User in Lanzarote No Longer Trapped in His Home

Wheelchair User in Lanzarote No Longer Trapped in His Home

Tanausu Hernandez lives in the second floor apartment in Arrecife in Lanzarote, but for the last 8 years he has been unable to leave his home as he can only move with his wheelchair, so he could not go down to the ground floor of the building, as the stairs were impossible for him.

Tanausu is a young man and this week he said “I just won the Gordo”. The Gordo is the Chrismas lottery that most Canarians and Spanish buy tickets for in the hope of winning a lot of money. However, Tanausu did not win any lottery, but several local institutions in Lanzarote have raised money to install an elevator, so that he can now leave his second-floor apartment and access the street, and more importantly attend rehabilitation sessions.

His mother, Irene Dominguez, said “He spent every day locked in a bed, in a chair, unable to go out to get some air and sun, and this elevator is his salvation”.

Tanausu suffered an accident in the sea when he was swimming on a beach in Costa Teguise 8 years ago, which left him unable to walk. He said “I can start doing rehabilitation, which helps me improve a little bit more each day. Eight years after that fateful day, he now feels that life has given him another chance. Thanks also to those institutions in Lanzarote for providing this much needed help.

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