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​Coastal Waters of Southern Lanzarote have Good Chemical Status

Coastal Waters of Southern Lanzarote have Good Chemical Status

A report published this week and commissioned by the Government of the Canary Islands confirms that the coastal marine waters of the south of Lanzarote are in a good state of health.

One of the conclusions of the study, which is part of the second cycle of the Insular Hydrological Plan, is that it identifies the detectable presence of substances, such as tributyltin, which is part of some compounds used in the nautical sector.

The identification and diagnosis of the quality of coastal water focused on tributyltin and its derivatives, as this is a substance classified as a priority hazard, but widely used in the nautical sector for its biocidal properties, especially in the production of antifouling paints that prevent or slow down the growth of barnacles, algae and marine organisms that adhere to the hull of a ship, pontoon and docks.

Some of these compounds derived from this chemical component can be toxic for the environment and fauna, especially for fish and molluscs and organisms, as high concentrations can be detected due to bioaccumulation and biomagnification, which increases concentrations as the trophic level advances in the food chain.

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