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​Jewellery Heist from Home in Tenerife

Jewellery Heist from Home in Tenerife

Officers of the Policia Nacional this week arrested two people in Santa Cruz de Tenerife who are alleged to have committed a robbery at a private home involving jewellery worth more than 82,245 euros.

The two detained for further questioning are identified as D.R.G. a man of 25 years of age and Spanish nationality with previous police records, and a woman identified as H.G.R. aged 28 years and also Spanish.

The two people arrested are alleged to have entered the private home where they are believed to have committed the robbery after jumping a wall and forcing open a sliding door, but when trying to access another nearby home, they were confronted by its residents who called the police after they ran away.

In the search made of the home of one of the detainees, police found the stolen jewellery and 1,600 euros in cash, as well as tools that were hidden behind a piece of furniture.

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