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​Vocational Training for Students in Tenerife

Vocational Training for Students in Tenerife

The Government of Tenerife this week announced that it is offering around 300 places for vocational training for students to practice their next courses in island institutions and with related companies, such as TITSA, ITER, Metropolitano de Tenerife, Consorcio de Bomberos, TEA or the Auditorium.

The Minister of Education of the Government of the Canary Islands, Soledad Monzon, signed a collaboration agreement with the President of the Government of Tenerife, Carlos Alonso, to provide practical training for students to receive vocational training on the island.

Carlos Alonso explained that currently there are over 100 students receiving vocational training experiences, but the intention is to duplicate or triple this number, so that the objective is that local young people will have more opportunities in the future.

Soledad Monzon confirmed that 63 centres in Tenerife will be involved in this project for vocational training, including sports education and art education.

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