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​Judge Orders Reinstatement of Air Traffic Controllers in Fuerteventura

Judge Orders Reinstatement of Air Traffic Controllers in Fuerteventura

A judge has ruled that the Directors of Spanish airports have lost the status of public authority attributed to them by law after the transformation of Aena into a company, and cannot impose their instructions on staff at the control tower at Fuerteventura Airport beyond what the procedures set out.

This relates to an incident when two air traffic controllers at Fuerteventura Airport were dismissed for refusing to prolong the operation of the airport after 23.00 the usual closing time to allow a plane to take off. This plane had been delayed by a few minutes, because one of the passengers felt ill and had to be removed from the plane.

The company for which they worked, Aeronatutical Services, Control and Navigation or Saerco understood that the two dismissed had acted in bad faith, had falsified data, broken their confidence and had been insubordinate. The charge was based on the fact that the director of the airport told them at 22.56 that he had authorised prolonging the closure of the airport for a few minutes due to force majeure to prevent the plan and its 176 passengers having to stay on land until the next day, because of the sick passenger.

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